who are we?

A podcast by pastors’ wives for pastors’ wives and anyone desiring to take a peek inside our glass house. Breaking down walls within the church and crushing pastor wifey stereotypes with a little bit of ministry therapy and a whole lot of Jesus… plus the occasional dance party!


To bring unity and truth to THE church, one pastor’s wife at a time.

not your basic pastors' wives.

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meet the pastors' wives

We are 3 pastors’ wives from 3 different churches and denominations who live in the same city. We started this podcast for one main reason: to build community among pastors’ wives (and churches) and to speak on hard topics involving ministry leaders that usually remain unspoken. We pray you leave here feeling less alone than when you came!

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Stephanie’s husband is a youth/discipleship pastor at a southern Baptist church. They are passionate about working with teens and hope to do so until they’re 80! 😉 She also does a little influencer work on the side and dreams of being a published author. You can find out more about Stephanie on her website and Instagram.

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Jenna’s husband is a worship pastor who essentially “pastors” other worship ministers through his nonprofit, Eminent Worship. He is also a discipleship pastor at their nondenominational church. Jenna runs a design business where she creates t-shirts, stickers, tank tops, tattoo lettering, and business branding. She is also a photographer. You can learn more about her business here on her website and get to know her a bit more personally on Instagram.

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Jessica’s husband is a lead pastor at a free Methodist church plant. Jessica runs Come Away Missions and DO GOOD Project, a nonprofit serving the people of Rwanda. She never turns down a ministry opportunity and speaks British like a champ. You can find out more about her and her various ministries here on Instagram.